Execution Counsel

General Secretary & Correspondent

The society has an expert group of highly qualified professionals with a strong determination and commitment towards service.

The committee secretary, Dr. N.Manoharan, Motivator & Trainer, is A professional speaker on Skills Development.

His Valuable experience, Knowledge, and dedication towards national service extremely helped in foundation of this society

The society serves it’s purpose under the leadership of Dr.N.Manoharan, General Secretary & Correspondent.

Founder President

Counsel Members, Roles and Responsibilities

1. Mr. T.Janardhana Rao -M.Tech (Founder & President)
2. Dr. N.Manoharan -PhD (General Secretary & Correspondent)
3. Mr. Ravindra Changala -M.Tech-(Additional Secretary)
4. Ms. Annapurna Gummadi – M.Tech-(Additional Secretary)

5. Mr. K.Phani Kishore -ACS (Executive – Accounts and Finance)
6. Dr. B.Ramana Murthy -PhD (Technical Events, R&D)
7. Dr. Padmakar Uppu – PhD (Technical Events, R&D)

8. Mr. P.Durga Prasad -B.Tech (Corporate affairs & operations)
9. Mr. MVN Kutumba Rao -M.Com (Corporate affairs & operations)

10. Mr. Venkata Ramana Chary -M.Tech (counselor)
11. Ms. Swetha Enreddy -M.Tech (counselor)
12. Mr. J. Raghavendar -M.Tech (counselor)