A. To bring together individuals and organizations of scientists, engineers, technologists and physicians, including academicians and students of sciences and technologies.

B. The Association / Society is organized exclusively for scientific, educational, technical, cultural and charitable purposes, and management of intellectual property rights; technology development, transfer and diffusion as well as modernization of indigenous resources, practices and knowledge

C. To assist/support students of science, engineering, management, medicine, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry and physicians, researchers, engineers and optometrists, otorhinolaryngologists, dentists from India to obtain scientific, educational & technical training in India or foreign countries.

D. To conduct seminars, conferences and related educational programs to acquaint members about new scientific & technological developments in the fields of science, medicine, engineering and technology etc.

E. To support the availability of technical assistance and latest skills to the indigenous people in India.

F. To establish, promote and support educational & research institutes and related programs to provide better quality in science & technology areas.

G. To study, review and work for revising standards to provide quality education in science and technology.

H. Facilitate renewal, upgrading and creation of supportive infrastructure for science, technology and innovation.

I. Progressively increase the rate of generation of a high quality skilled human resource at all levels by providing an environment for building a critical mass of human resource capacity, harnessing and effectively participating in the application of science, technology and innovation for value addition activities, solving problems and enhancing human welfare.

J. Encourage and support collaborative, multi-disciplinary scientific research in universities and other academic, scientific and engineering institutions and promote regional and international cooperation and collaboration in science, technology and innovation specifically targeted towards achieving the goals of national development.

K. Support application of traditional knowledge in the formal and informal sectors and promote the use the full potential of science, technology and innovation to protect, preserve, evaluate, update, add value to utilize the extensive indigenous resources and traditional knowledge available globally