1. Design of curriculum and training methodology for various certification and diploma programs to develop human resource and student skills

2. Assisting in conduction of various events for knowledge sharing, awareness in latest technologies, and motivating students for higher education

3. Assisting students for higher education and in skill development through various schemes

4. Publishing journals, magazines and news letters to provide sharing of knowledge

5. Suggest indicative guidelines for preparation of project report for potential investors/entrepreneurs.

6. Assess and develop appropriate IT (Information Technology) based management information system for the academy & industry.

7. Undertake and coordinate research and development (R&D) work required for development of academy & industry in consultation with stakeholders.

8. Undertake and coordinate the task of Human Resource Development (HRD) and capacity building. It may also conduct in-house training, and short-term or long-term courses

9. Recommend standards and protocols for National and international standards and best practices and suggest mechanism for bench marking and certification of
infrastructure / building, process and services provided by Institutes & industry.

10. Launch publicity campaign to educate the stakeholders including awareness building about the benefits of science & technologies

11. Recommend appropriate policy framework relating to development of technical education